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Hi! I’m a graphic designer & art director from the Netherlands. I design brand identities, graphics & other creative projects. Personal art & design projects and collaborations with others are important to me. For me, my work is all about a good balance between client work & personal projects.

I studied Multimedia Design in Eindhoven until 2006. When I was 20, I moved to Hilversum to study Image & Media Technology. I graduated in 2010 (Bachelor of Design). I often work together with DJs, labels and a wide range of clients from from the international music & event industry. I also work for total different clients like fashion companies and restaurants. I love to create & rebrand company graphics. It’s my “job” to come up with creative solutions & strategies. All this does not particularly involve just one style but most of my designs are said to be modern, bold and/or colorful. In 2021 I started working on NFT projects. “Donating to charity. One creative project at a time.” It’s my long-term goal to support charities with my personal art projects.



Art direction, Branding & Identity, Font design, Graphic design, Logo design, Visual art & creative collaborations.


Ruud van Eijk Design

Boxtel, The Netherlands


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Thanks for watching. Need a design? Other question? I'd love to hear from you. Let me design your new brand identity, graphics or other creative necessities. Let's discuss the possibilities!