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Qlimax Live

For the hard dance event "Qlimax 2011" (November 26, Gelredome Arnhem, 25.000+ visitors) me and Roel Beerens made this #QL11 LIVE site. This website contains pictures, videos & updates by the Q-dance crew, all the Qlimax artists and the visitors. Before, during and after the event, LIVE updates are visible on the site. People can listen to a LIVE radio stream, watch LIVE Twitter pictures YouTube videos and find much more stuff and information. Design: Ruud van Eijk. Scripting (HTML5): Roel Beerens. 3D: Q-dance. Client: Q-dance.

I'm Ruud van Eijk. A graphic designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I create graphics, identities, art & other designs for clients and myself. I also run a small fashion brand called 'LazyWack'. In this virtual space you can see some of the client work and a number of personal projects I have worked on over the past few years.