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Nicky Romero

A selection of designs I made for EDM DJ & producer Nicky Romero. Protocol Radio, Nicky Romero's logo around the world, NYE with Zedd campaign, Iron ft. Calvin Harris, Like Home ft. Nervo, Symphonica, DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, 3FM awards, Nothing Toulouse tour & bus wraps, Miami & Las Vegas shows (live visuals), Feet on the Ground ft. Anouk, Let Me Feel ft. Vicetone & When We Are Wild, Next Level (Nicky Romero edit), Warriors ft. Volt & State.

I'm Ruud van Eijk. A graphic designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I create graphics, identities, art & other designs for clients and myself. I also run a small fashion brand called 'LazyWack'. In this virtual space you can see some of the client work and a number of personal projects I have worked on over the past few years.